Huge Meteor Mania

September 18, 2015

I was feeling antsy and needing to climb out on the roof and get some fresh air. My room was at the top of the two story house and you could climb out the window and sit on the roof. Fortunately that side of the house had a great view of the sky and since we lived out in the country about 70 miles away the stars would shine so clearly along with plenty of milk in the Milkyway to gaze endlessly at.  You could sense the immensity of the galaxy and how tiny you feel in relation to it all. What we know and more importantly what we don’t know keeps feeding the curiosity and the inner angst to search for answers as if they are “out there” somewhere.

This particular night the need for some quiet contemplation time was greater than usual. It’s like an old friend that can cheer you up when you are down or melancholy. It does this, this openess and endless quiet.  Though there may be noises from nature  they somehow aren’t noises but the sounds you need to hear in order to relax in to and experience peace, belonging, acceptance and in this evening, hope. I was having girlfriend problems.

I had spent 12 hours involved in a discussion group on what actions we needed to take as a group and creators of a campaign to stop chemtrails. It seemed like forever listening to speaker after speaker pontificate the evils of the cabal and their sinister plans to enslave humanity like the late great president John F Kennedy spoke about. Which later became his demise from the secret assassins within this evil cabal who put a few bullets in his head. All the while members of government secretly knew and conspired together with members of the killing machine to allow it to happen without hitch. This well funded group of Satanic world domination and wealth grabbing people are well organized and have sowed up positions throughout government and the agencies related to it. That’s why a president of the CDC can become the Acting CEO of the pharmaceutical industry overnight. Or the FDA can become the leader of Monsanto. What are they thinking anyways?

You ever notice you don’t hear about organized crime. Why do you think that is? it’s because all the gangsters hold high positions in law enforcement, the halls of justice and even the legislation. Now they change the laws and flaunt common sense to give huge corporations tax breaks, patents on life forms and immunity to crimes against humanity. Bill Gates himself is responsible for 47,000 plus deaths of children due to vaccinations. Bill Gates also has bought in to and donated countless millions into Monsanto and hopes to, with Monsanto to corner the market on food. While making it illegal to eat any other food or grow your own.

They have begun to implant RFID chips secretly in populations without them knowing. They have made the chips undetectable. These chips will give them total spying power on all you do and say since they can follow you through GPS where you go and what you do. With your phones and secret spy programs built in to the software they can learn all your websites and social communications at the simple review request. Warning. Don’t get heard or they will focus their attention on you. Virtually every statement that has conspiracy messages in them are quickly, via robots  transmitted to people from homeland security to be researched more and decisions made as to whether you have become a threat to the security of the Corporate United States with it’s evil Lord the FED ready to send out hit squads or extortion specialists to ruin your life and enslave you to work for them for the rest of your life. Sanctioned by the good ole US of A.

Back to the roof now. The crickets are playing their violins and a few birds are still sounding their goodnight songs and cuddling coo coos with their young. The breeze is cool on the face and stimulates the hairs on the arms while the mind soars past it to the experience of open Ah. Wolves howl out as if to request a hearing from others who may relate to the feeling vibrations of their eery crooning. Even the animals pray at night it seems. Before we settle down to the land of dreams we organize our minds into the mystery and wonder of it all. We shall see what our dreams are soon.

It is much like the process of dying. Many people that have survived death and  return to this world speak of a tunnel and the light that pulls you through while relatives dead and gone meet you at the other side and welcome you, hopefully with love and acceptance, but you never know. There might be some inner changes and recognition that need to happen with people who may have lived a life never having known of true loving and caring feelings. Sure it seems all people will nurture their young and hope the best for them but having read enough stories of ruined lives that I’ll restate it that not all people connect with love and acceptance but rather spite and loathing for anything good. At some point in their lives while young in most cases they met with evil, actions of violence and hate and destructive ridicule. You get too many doses of that and you won’t come out of it unscathed. Rather scars are things that follow a person throughout the rest of their lives where their own energy in defensiveness and fear along with projected resentment cause a reproducing of the very same thing over and over again. From victim to persecutor.  We can feel sorry for them for to have their lives ruined while they were innocent and full of potential is regrettable and down heartening. Such is our world as it is right now. We’ve come a long ways baby! It actually has gone from bad to worse. Nowadays the sense feeling of the world is that there is a sinister plot to enslave all humanity and reduce the dignity of the basic human rights to squalor and deprivation and fear. If you want to follow the rabbit hole of research and get the details of whats going on in this world, not the watered down story presented by the deceiver criminals of the media who have been bought off by the filthy rich who want to keep hidden their secret plans. They are mean lords of power and threaten not only all a person owns but their very life if they don’t follow orders like a good soldier. Taskmasters that pay the poor to carry out their devilish plans painted with words of doing good for humanity. All lies.

I saw a meteor streak across the sky but slower than usual and it was large enough that you could see flames trailing behind it along with debris quickly burning and dissipating away. Though it was getting pretty dark by this point you could see that there was a cloud trail behind the meteor. My mind instantly realized that this was not your ordinary run of the mill meteor but one of extraordinary memory for a lifetime producing. It didn’t appear to hit the ground but I wondered because of it’s size, you’d think it wouldn’t all burn up before hitting the Earth. Then again it seemed like it may have been 600 miles away, far enough to not be able to see or hear it if it did strike the Earth. Well this was a great night to have come out and witnessed such a spectacle. Beautiful though terrifying at the same time. Knowing that if something like this can enter our atmosphere without obstruction what keeps this from happening again and us not being as lucky as to have it miss the Earth or burn up?

I stayed up for a while longer and saw a few little meteors and enjoyed the night air but I had received the needed boost of awe that night and so went back in to my room to get in bed and go to sleep. Wow, I couldn’t sleep, my mind was racing. I looked out the window again as if maybe I would see another meteor. I could see about a mile down the road along the freeway flashing lights of cops and emergency vehicles in a convoy heading out of town. I’d say there was twenty cars including fire engines, ambulances and cop cars before and behind the train of vehicles. They were speeding that’s for sure. My mind wondered for a second in a blank wondering of “, huh, I wonder where they are going? Maybe an accident or forest fire. No maybe an accident where they might need the fire crew too to pry open a door with people trapped. I send a quick uttered thought from my lips to hope things will be ok.

Now with the huge meteor event and then  the emergency mystery my mind state had changed from wow and wonder to concern and  rising curiosity yet not quite knowing anything yet. I jumped on the bed and turned on the radio to comfort and ease the intense focus on “what the hell is going on” mode, The radio DJ was talking about screaming and people running for the lives out of the city that was about 250 miles away. OMG! That’s right where I saw the meteor going. It did hit the ground! Oh Myyyy Goooooooood!!!! I leaped out of bed and flung open the door to the hall way to all the other rooms in the house and yelled TURN ON THE RADIO!  Something huge has happened. There’s panic and catastrophe! (my inner quick thought stammered on the thought of why would I use that word?) I barged in the door of my parents bedroom and I quickly knew that probably wasn’t the best time to barge in but they nevertheless acted like nothing was going on and was paying attention as to what I wanted and was so excited about. I started blurting out short quips of thoughts, “I saw a meteor, it was huge and it crashed into a city and people are running for the lives, maybe aliens I don’t know, you’ve gotta turn on the radio quick.”. Dad said ok slow down son, tell us again what happened.”   “No just turn on the radio a retorted back. You can hear about it. It’s big it’s like nothing like this has ever happened.” So dad quickly turned on the radio and the announcer was saying something like the event at the space memorium and was playing their view of the solar system in hologram this evening for the late show.  The announcer went on about the show and how NASA was presenting the show to help people realize how big our universe is and wonderous etc etc etc. By this time dad is looking at me like I was crazy and that I misunderstood the announcer and if I would have listened farther I would have realized it was just something about the show.  “No dad, I saw the fire engines and police heading out of town fast.”  “Oh son, come on. They were in town today for a drill and probably were just going back to their town.” ” I don’t know dad. I think something happened.” “OK son, well go back to your room and listen some more and see if you find out anything.”

So disgruntled and peeved at their lack of belief  or interest in what I was saying I returned to my bedroom. Totally invalidated and I thought I even saw a smirk and his condescending tone of Oh son, yeah right ok yeah ok son well uh go back to bed. OMG dad I swear I saw the biggest meteor ever. Ok son I believe ya but there’s nothing we can do about it now so we will wait and see. OK that made a little more sense and so I raced back to the room and then realized dad was listening to the wrong channel. So I turned it up and listened to more about the people claiming to have seen a flash of light and then a boom followed by an Earthquake which violently shook buildings to the ground or threw everything in houses onto the floor. It was total mayhem. The people also were claiming that there were thousands of flaming balls the size of golf balls falling everywhere. Everything was catching on fire and people that were hit by the flaming balls would either die or be seriously wounded. The outpouring from the city was in the tens of thousands. it was a traffic jam of stalled traffic with horns blaring as if that is going to help. “Get out of the way to dumb effin stupid a hole!” People shooting people in road rage mixed with desperation and fear. While some street people and poor people are looting the houses left behind scoring on some pretty good deals on appliances and goods. Hell there was no cops in sight. Anything goes in these emergency chaos type situations.

So I run back to my parents room and this time I knock and tell him to turn to the right channel on the radio, please. I’m serious dad. I think it would be in our best interests cause I’m scared. OK dad? “Yeah ok I will”, he said with a reluctant and disgusted tone. Oh well that’s the best I can do with the parental units. Off to my bedroom for more research. I decide to text a few friends.

Then it came to me while waiting for a response that I should call the radio station and TV station and tell them I saw the meteor. I could get the credit for having spotted it. With renewed purpose and conviction I called the radio first. They answer and I clearly stream out my experience “I was the first to see it. Blah Blah Blah etc” The lady stops me in mid sentence and says, “You along with thousands of others, thankyou and we are too busy right now. Bye.”  “Crap”, i think to myself. That took some wind out of my sails. But then I see that my phone is lit up with ten texts with all my friends wanting to know more since they had all been asleep and knew nothing. Alright! I’m back in the drivers seat as THE source of the best information anyone looking for a little attention could want.


An Alien Abduction

September 16, 2015


It was May around 10-18th 1987 that I had the most vivid daydream I’d ever had that lasted for over a week. All day long I would think about being abducted by aliens. I went through what had occurred once on board their “ship” over and over until I had completely remembered the experience. I was a christian at the time and didn’t believe in UFO’s with aliens running around abducting people so it was contrary to my beliefs when I engaged in this “better than a thriller” abduction super dream. I kept it all to myself over the years and had only written a poem in memory of it of which the words came to me without thinking about what I was writing. I heard them and wrote. Also wrote it out without corrections, thinking or stopping. Over the years I get new nuggets of insight and relevance into meanings from it.  I called the poem, “Dreams Are Visions”.  The dream I had was a vision  according to the spontaneous poem. Was it a memory of something that had been sublimated into the subconscious? Many of the details of what the inside of the space craft looked like are missing either because there wasn’t much to see or they didn’t allow me to see too much. it wasn’t why I was there. I hadn’t read anything about abductions prior to this although maybe I had heard of them in Sci-Fi novels but didn’t know about the white tall beings with dark almond eyes and I don’t know whether I really saw the beings or not because once I had seen pictures of what others were claiming were the beings I don’t know now whether I would just be inventing it. I do remember lots of light and white walls all around. I remember sheets of white that were used to cover our bodies while they performed the experiments on myself and another female brunette woman in another room. The main room we were in at the beginning was about the size of a small classroom in a school. They were like doctors in a surgery room and I watched as they prepared things for me to be set into a chair, like a dentist chair but more vertical. They took this clear helmet with wires connected to it and place it on the top of my head. While I sensed them behind me during the moments to ensue, I began to see the future. There was a voice that narrated to educate me or bring relevance to what I was seeing. I remember seeing without my eyes. My ability to perceive was like a field of awareness like a net or gauze. The vision that could see not only physical reality but the conceptual nature of space-time and realize inner dimensions and even more interestingly, the unfolding of time. the unfolding of time is like taking a journey through a mountain pass. There is terrain. They showed me the transition from man’s basic state of money corporate, world style living and world domination by  big corporate greedy selfish people who were in resistance to the vision of freedom and equality for all beings which the aliens dealing with me were here to show me.

The alien beings that were dealing with me didn’t seem hostile but I could sense their care for not just me but  a larger scope than just individuals. It seemed they were planting a seed in me and the girl in the other room. A seed with the the possible future and mankind having  learned from the past and  society molded  out of great troubles and transitioning yet to come. The helmet with the electrodes connected to me with wires created a 3D inner visioning. I could see the unfolding of reality through time even to a thousand years ahead.  So I was looking at reality from outside-in and yet I could shrink to a spot that would show me aspects of what was happening in the world of bodies walking around, talking and creating moments in time etc.  I saw a corporate building and a business concept with the people that would carry out the vision through time.  Like a multi-layered visioning I could see the people  creating a working corporation with products and services.  This has led to my theory that reality throughout time has already occurred and that we have this place of attention that focuses like a needle on a record of what’s called “now”. Now is just a place of where your focus is. Reality is an object with a terrain having mountains and valleys much like a groove on a record appears if you could zoom in to look at it’s ruts up close.  Experiences and thoughts fold up and lay intertwined with other related parts and thoughts. Experiences are recorded and become data upon data mountains. the brain behaves like this by folding in upon itself saving the data it acquires through it’s experiencing.  I know this seems contradictory  that reality is already the future and past and present all right now but because we can only see a very small bit at a time we think that the future is that something new is here. Really it’s only that you’ve taken a look at another part of the one big thing.  We are walking around in the dark bumping into things just so that we can become aware of what’s around us though, we can’t take it all in at one time. Actually you can but very rare.  (Here time = distance in space) The inner vision that can see multiple layers at one time simultaneously occurring from physical matter, thought forms, and or perception of changes that seems to be occurring over time is a lot to get your brain around and grasping. Much like what Jesus said that God was aware of every hair on your head or knows when a sparrow falls and dies. Also that God knows the end and the beginning.  Why? How? because it all already exists! it’s all one great big thing. What a moment is is really just a location point on this huge thing. Perception has a one track mind or rather, a one moment perception of what has millions of trillions of moments before and after. The possibilities that we can see actually exist already in this mass of data perceptions, knowledge and multi-layered cognition. Reality is a layered condition created by time=space. It’s shape and size is measured in time since you can only experience one moment at a time then another.  You are traversing over the Big Thing experiencing it in moments.  Ok, actually Potentiality is just a place you could go to see what it’s like, over there rather than where you might be at any other given moment. Yet here there and everywhere is right here now being experienced. We are just aware of a small piece at a time.   It’s like being blind and you are put in a room and you feel around and smell and hear things and you have to put it all together and figure out what is there.

Okay back to the purpose of this writing. To answer the question, “are there aliens here in the vicinity of the Earth that can reach us and communicate?”  How can I answer it after having the most profound vision of having connected with them? Yet I still have trouble really grasping it all and what it means. I think that if I could just re-define the words alien, demons and angels into a new frame of reference I could then say meagerly maybe “I believe in aliens.” But really I still don’t say with absolute certainty only because of the nature of the vision of it being only in my mind and not  tacitly with my body with consequent physical memories of seeing literal beings in the physical world from another planet. I saw things in the future like business concepts and scientific breakthroughs that have all come true. Even names of businesses were seen when the knowledge helmet was on. Amazon is one such vision. 30 years ago before the internet I saw the internet and the robots with a mega corporation selling products and making trillions of dollars. There’s more to come though and I don’t want to reveal that at this time. It’s too valuable. it’s too outrageous. When humanity goes through the transition it will become a wonderful world to live in with potential for the thrill of learning and discovery and art in all forms as a norm.

Let me digress for a moment to yet another experience from prior to the abduction. Approximately 14 yrs or so before 1987. The abduction was not the first time I had the experience of a multi-layered dimensional reality cognition. I had run away from home at 15 yrs and traveled from Washington to Utah and lived on the streets for 3 months. While there something had occurred that woke my mind up to something “more”. I decided to go home and discover what this intangible yet inwardly provocative sense was. While hitch-hiking through the desert between Idaho and Oregon I wasn’t able to get a ride and was stranded with no civilization within many miles, stuck in the middle of nowhere in the dark of the night I uttered my first prayer. I asked that if there was intelligence beyond me and for “it” to (or God)  make itself known to me by proving it. “Give me a ride right now”. At that very instant like the period at the end of a sentence It happened. A car had stopped on the other side of the freeway.  Upon questioning the man who stopped, he said that he had had a thought to look at his map at that moment and decided to pull over. The chances of this happening were so great and also that he did not see me cause I was a hundred yards away over an embankment and was not visible. There were no on or off ramps and so well, it was enough proof for me that there was intelligence in another realm that had ability to effect the physical reality across space and time. This was similar to how the aliens were showing the future to me and the transitional reality at each stage through time. I hadn’t become a believer in Christianity at that time but a believer nevertheless. Later I was given actual pictures of future events and places to go. Even before getting to my destination I was abducted by literal humans who had some not so good plans for me and my body in store. I was tapped in to the power now and literally controlled the men’s minds from the back of a two door vehicle and had them pulling over and letting me out. How? I don’t know, but it was another miracle following the same order of mind that  connects the inner dimension to the physical dimension simultaneously. The idea of faith is really this aha, an inner cognition and recognition of something beyond limited perception and knowledge  that can be validated as real from having perceived the two dimensions. . It becomes real in the mind from then on.

After this daydream vision experience I developed what I called “Rapid Learning Techniques”  I amassed all the different techniques from speed math, speed reading, memorization, Right brain drawing, superlearning techniques, Lateral thinking and some tools of cognitive therapy along with creative writing techniques. I started to teach children in school these techniques and some of the students were having extreme difficulty in school and were failing miserably. The techniques helped all of them become Straight A students. The worst of the students became completely changed in their self images and motivation. Many that I had taught  many years later found me and thanked me for giving them the power to become anything they wanted to be. They all went on to become very successful adults. There were many flunking students that immediately had their minds opened up and got straight A’s from that first week.

After that my life took turns away from conventional Christianity and I explored via a master teacher of clairvoyance and the psychic abilities. This proved to be the most powerful tool I would take into my life into my late 20’s. The spiritual experiences that began after that abduction experience made the path to  to enlightenment possible. (Cosmic connection) I had at least 6 major revelation experiences, each one seeming to be the complete cosmic union of knowing. Yet another peak experience would come revealing yet again another depth and layer of this multi-dimensional existence and realization. Once I  experienced what Buddha experienced and Lao Tsu, Babaji, Christ and Brahman etc. You know what these things are, like Brahman for instance, because It reveals itself to you through thoughts about what it is.  This is Brahman, the glove and the being putting itself into it.

The Course in Miracles came out and I had the revelation it talks about, an intimate merging of something so huge and all encompassing it seems like the ultimate. Though, not yet, there was more to come. I could see thought and reality as connected. Thought creates reality. What I thought, which by the way isn’t controllable or created by you consciously but arises spontaneously without forethought. (Actually that might not be true. We create our reality by our thoughts. That was in the poem. We might just not be fully aware of what we are thinking and desiring.) Though when you uncover your inner wanting you see that it leads you to these experiences and realizations. So you  have to go for the ride like an unfolding process of realization and  then deal with what arises, go for it, or get distracted and not raise your eyes above the clouds of confusion and not knowing in to a mind grasping multiple layers of thought, reality and other minds at one time. Cognition of the expanse of an open mind, as if the space of the universe is the vastness of the mind itself. The world is a screen upon which the inner mind dredges up thoughts and creates form. The thoughts themselves are form of a certain kind. Inner mental formations that can translate into an action in the physical world. This is like how genes are the sentences and the body is the result of what is formed through genes.  Where does the stuff that comes up come from? Maybe it’s like I mentioned, from the desire in the heart. For me I wanted all knowledge and understanding. I wanted enlightenment and did nothing else with my time until I had finally seen, heard and come to know all that everyone before me had experienced in the form of knowledge and enlightenment. One of the strange things is that you can be as high as Buddha but people are oblivious to it and though they may be attracted to you because they sense something, they will much of the time be oblivious as to what that thing “is”. Then there are those who are attracted to people that claim to heights of consciousness and have a title and cultural names that make it seem like they should know. The real knowledge though is of a non dual nature and not subject object though it can use that too. Just action reaction in the one big pool of happenings.

Thoughts extend outward and then fold in half while connecting to other thoughts making strings that  fold over and over and intertwine and pile up in the mind space. If you could fold space you could fold the galaxy in half and the bottom would be right next to the other end and then you could  just take a step and  be on the other side of the galaxy. Then unfold space again and it will be a thousand light years away again. So likewise we can penetrate our layers and see what’s underneath, effecting because of it’s proximity, the layer we are usually being consciously focused  in most of the time.

Man!  It’s like about to go into escape velocity and escape the hold of the Earth’s gravitation on thought construction and then observe how  the thoughts change in their very nature while the inner vision opens up with simple, beautiful and harmonious Oneness and bliss.

In summary, I can’t say that I really was abducted into an alien craft but I could have experienced a holographic inner dimensional shift and was in a craft on an inner plane where imagination and the infinite dimensions of reality exist and co-mingle. The thought that all is within may well be the truth. That “in”  within each of us points toward the same place.

In The Space Is Everything

July 2, 2015

This communication is about sharing information through a mental practice and about finding that state of mind, that place where there is no stress and there are no fearful thoughts causing stress or agitation to your mood. We will be finding a mood or state in which all is at rest without stress and there’s no need or desires arising within the mind searching and analyzing. We will be trying to find that gap between thoughts where all there is is presence. Our goal is to fully experience the moment without thoughts and their consequent creating their direction and perpetuation. Let’s just make an effort toward focusing consciously and purposefully in the gap between thoughts. Notice how long it takes before thought arises and see if you can ignore that thought and focus again on the moment between thoughts. See if you can capture even briefly what it’s like to be without thoughts pulling you here and there.
Thoughts that make sense are complete and there might be a reverberation of gratitude or reflecting upon the beauty of it these thoughts of gratitude are the end after themselves and are complete and they allow you then to go back to noticing reality from an awareness that’s open without distraction from thinking. Thinking is an abstraction or a reaction to the present moment. Our mind is always evaluating reality, what it perceives, what it senses in its awareness, its interpretation of what’s going on. If the thoughts are fearful they will generate stress and a strategizing by the mind to find freedom from stress or the fearful thoughts.

We are all One? Is that True?

May 1, 2013

Dansquat I just had an interesting thought. It’s out of response to hearing that we are all one quotes from people. They say it and then people ooh and ah like it’s some amazing truth that they want to latch on to for some reason. I suspect they want to stay blind to the truth so that they can continue to live their life doing what they do and not have to make any changes.
Well the way the life Earth Being “One” behaves is that it replicates it’s sense of I’ness, individuality, the experience of solitariness to each set of eyes. We feel separate because in a sense we’ve been made to experience our own sovereignty or solitariness. Thus we acquire knowledge and understanding that is unique to us individually. We could even become a Hitler and kill millions of people in the most horrendous ways. (is this not “Evil” or Bad?) Yes it is and anyone of simplified intelligence would agree and say that this is not the compassionate and benevolent way of the source of life, God. Unless you want to say God was Hitler and loved what he was doing.
“Keep your eye simple ” Jesus says and your whole body will be bright. Things can’t  be contradictory and nonsensical and then say it’s a mystery so that we can’t question the validity of a theory, or belief. The Trinity was one of those silly teachings that made no sense at all and people would defend it by saying we aren’t meant or aren’t able to conceive of these things. Sure there might be so much we don’t understand but if you get a teaching that is not understandable then it can’t be verified to be true until we get that understanding. There’s where science comes in. scientists are wanting to find the truth to what is. Was the Earth created in 24 hour days? Of course not. It must have meant epoch days rather than our Gregorian calendar. So likewise  there may be teachings that make no sense at all and are either totally false or have another explanation and people have not questioned them.
People seem to get huffy when you question their beliefs. They think because somebody said this is what a teaching meant that it is the truth. It might and probably isn’t the truth. What makes you think that people from days long ago even knew what they were talking about? Did they have a closer relationship to God? I say NO! Did they know something we don’t? NO! Did they have a closer relationship to God with God revealing all these teachings? NO! Are most religious people pretending they know because they are afraid to admit they don’t know? YES!
It’s time to start really digging in and get truth and understanding out of all the information we now have. Question authority is a quote. I say start questioning the beliefs that have been handed down to us by pretenders of those who think they know.

The TalkAbout

October 25, 2010
Daniel Crothers

Socialize and talk with others while you listen to live music, have snacks and opportunity to share on stage or sit with friends in the corner and chat. Ask questions in our audience participation time, See and hear people present poetry, or life lessons or watch the video presentations, speakers give short discourses or videos on our big screen. Cozy atmosphere with a spiritual air and meaningful connections. Just relax, no pressure,We’re just hanging out.

Many people are looking for a format to come  where they can share what’s going on in their lives. Their interests whether it’s Health food, spiritual topics, non profit missions,  world issues or anything else you may find important. It’s a melting pot of ideas and people with a wide range of topics for discussion. Daniel Crothers hosts the weekly event. Bring a snack to share it’s a potluck, (free food for all).

Maybe you’d like a video tape of yourself speaking or presenting. we will have that available too for a slight fee to cover our costs to make it. Or Sing or play an instrument. A dance? Socializing later to extend and satisfy your need for friends and friendly chatting.

The Show Takes Off

July 20, 2010

Barry Dennis with Celebration church seeks to take action towards modifying how a church functions in today’s world where church attendance is dropping because the next generation has found other ways to hang out. Utilizing today’s social Networking and Internet communication along with festive concert events intertwined with the ongoing discussion about life and what’s important.  Let’s a  look into the future to see where we might be headed and where  we see ourselves on down the road. Where are we in relation to the next step toward an enlightened world? What are the issues in life? How do we apply spiritual principles to help create and promote peace while living an enriching life’s experience?

Carbon Sequestering

July 10, 2008
Does it kill all the living creatures where this CO2 is saved?
clipped from

Ocean storage involves injecting the CO2 at great
depths, preferably below 3 000 m, where the pressure is sufficient to compress
CO2 into a dense liquid that sinks to the sea bed to form CO2
lakes. This option is seen as so risky that it is now generally discredited.
It is not a permanent store, and the CO2 will eventually dissolve
and disperse into the overlying seawater, acidifying the oceans with drastic
consequences on marine life. The oceans are already under great pressure from
pollution, destructive over-fishing, increasing commercial exploitation and
global warming; most worrying of all, they are failing to absorb the normal
share of anthropogenic CO2 released into the atmosphere [10] (see
Save our oceans, save our planet series, SiS 31), Also, these storage
sites are impossible to control or monitor, and are effectively prohibited
by current international legislation [3].

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