We are all One? Is that True?

May 1, 2013

Dansquat I just had an interesting thought. It’s out of response to hearing that we are all one quotes from people. They say it and then people ooh and ah like it’s some amazing truth that they want to latch on to for some reason. I suspect they want to stay blind to the truth so that they can continue to live their life doing what they do and not have to make any changes.
Well the way the life Earth Being “One” behaves is that it replicates it’s sense of I’ness, individuality, the experience of solitariness to each set of eyes. We feel separate because in a sense we’ve been made to experience our own sovereignty or solitariness. Thus we acquire knowledge and understanding that is unique to us individually. We could even become a Hitler and kill millions of people in the most horrendous ways. (is this not “Evil” or Bad?) Yes it is and anyone of simplified intelligence would agree and say that this is not the compassionate and benevolent way of the source of life, God. Unless you want to say God was Hitler and loved what he was doing.
“Keep your eye simple ” Jesus says and your whole body will be bright. Things can’t  be contradictory and nonsensical and then say it’s a mystery so that we can’t question the validity of a theory, or belief. The Trinity was one of those silly teachings that made no sense at all and people would defend it by saying we aren’t meant or aren’t able to conceive of these things. Sure there might be so much we don’t understand but if you get a teaching that is not understandable then it can’t be verified to be true until we get that understanding. There’s where science comes in. scientists are wanting to find the truth to what is. Was the Earth created in 24 hour days? Of course not. It must have meant epoch days rather than our Gregorian calendar. So likewise  there may be teachings that make no sense at all and are either totally false or have another explanation and people have not questioned them.
People seem to get huffy when you question their beliefs. They think because somebody said this is what a teaching meant that it is the truth. It might and probably isn’t the truth. What makes you think that people from days long ago even knew what they were talking about? Did they have a closer relationship to God? I say NO! Did they know something we don’t? NO! Did they have a closer relationship to God with God revealing all these teachings? NO! Are most religious people pretending they know because they are afraid to admit they don’t know? YES!
It’s time to start really digging in and get truth and understanding out of all the information we now have. Question authority is a quote. I say start questioning the beliefs that have been handed down to us by pretenders of those who think they know.

The TalkAbout

October 25, 2010
Daniel Crothers

Socialize and talk with others while you listen to live music, have snacks and opportunity to share on stage or sit with friends in the corner and chat. Ask questions in our audience participation time, See and hear people present poetry, or life lessons or watch the video presentations, speakers give short discourses or videos on our big screen. Cozy atmosphere with a spiritual air and meaningful connections. Just relax, no pressure,We’re just hanging out.

Many people are looking for a format to come  where they can share what’s going on in their lives. Their interests whether it’s Health food, spiritual topics, non profit missions,  world issues or anything else you may find important. It’s a melting pot of ideas and people with a wide range of topics for discussion. Daniel Crothers hosts the weekly event. Bring a snack to share it’s a potluck, (free food for all).

Maybe you’d like a video tape of yourself speaking or presenting. we will have that available too for a slight fee to cover our costs to make it. Or Sing or play an instrument. A dance? Socializing later to extend and satisfy your need for friends and friendly chatting.

The Show Takes Off

July 20, 2010

Barry Dennis with Celebration church seeks to take action towards modifying how a church functions in todays world where church attendance is dropping because the next generation has found other ways to hang out. Utilizing today’s social Networking and Internet communication along with festive concert events intertwined with the ongoing discussion about life and what’s important.  Let’s a  look into the future to see where we might be headed and where  we see ourselves on down the road. Where are we in relation to the next step toward an enlightened world? What are the issues in life? How do we apply spiritual principles to help create and promote peaceful and an enriching life’s experience?

Carbon Sequestering

July 10, 2008
Does it kill all the living creatures where this CO2 is saved?
clipped from www.i-sis.org.uk

Ocean storage involves injecting the CO2 at great
depths, preferably below 3 000 m, where the pressure is sufficient to compress
CO2 into a dense liquid that sinks to the sea bed to form CO2
lakes. This option is seen as so risky that it is now generally discredited.
It is not a permanent store, and the CO2 will eventually dissolve
and disperse into the overlying seawater, acidifying the oceans with drastic
consequences on marine life. The oceans are already under great pressure from
pollution, destructive over-fishing, increasing commercial exploitation and
global warming; most worrying of all, they are failing to absorb the normal
share of anthropogenic CO2 released into the atmosphere [10] (see
Save our oceans, save our planet series, SiS 31), Also, these storage
sites are impossible to control or monitor, and are effectively prohibited
by current international legislation [3].

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New Disease from Genetically Modified Fodds?

May 28, 2008

Morgellons Disease May Be Linked to Genetically Modified Food

Monsanto Corporation who has the megalomania agenda of owning all the food in the world and has forced thousands of farmers around the world out of business and thousands have committed suicide (supposedly) because they did not want to buy the genetically modified seeds from Monsanto who is seeking to replace all grown foods and seeds with their Patented life forms. Most countries in Europe have outlawed it but poorer countries are forced to make the change, especially countries in South America who have been bullied by U.S. armed forces to do Monsanto’s bidding. The data is growing daily about the horrific disease.

Green Electricity

September 27, 2007
Bogus green or Real Green

For all those in Portland that use PGE and know of their offer
 to go green here is what you need to know first.

Don’t pick Clean Wind—it is 40% Coal and a bogus
marketing tool
Pick GreenSource for all wind, geothermal and small
or Healthy Habitat if you want to pay extra to
support salmon
I have Green Source
Good on you to think clearly about
Pass it on

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Recycling Woes

September 7, 2007

Recycling is still in it’s infancy. Some companies will take things while other companies will not. Some let you put everything like metal, plastic and paper in one bin while another company makes you sort them out. Then there is the problem of food contaminated paper that can make a truck load of paper no good for recycling and goes to the land fill.
    While companies are touting their environmental friendliness they nevertheless in reality still create the same garbage mess they ever did since good recycling practices at this point don’t make good profits and heaven forbid that profit should suffer for doing the right thing. Our main enemy at this point is ourselves. Until we find a different mindset beyond consumerism we are doomed to a way of life that is going to destroy us. There actually is no hope for us even though the technology promises solutions. The problem with the technology rookie is that the ignorant, greedy political machine works out of the past and is too busy brown nosing the big corporations for support that they are willing to lie, cheat and steal through false exaggerated promises while selling out the human race to actually make decisions that may be hard to live up to but nevertheless would be the necessary steps to take to save the human race from extinction. It’s like the auto industry. Have you really seen them going hog wild into producing an auto that creates no pollution? Their best thing barely and not quite doubles the mileage. Why is that?

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